Going the Extra Mile at the MIA Hotel

Photo Mar 18, 1 18 05 PM

Last week, Harve Rosenthal, General Manager of the Miami International Airport Hotel was proud to present Howard Rosenheck, Executive Housekeeper, with the “R & R” Award (Reward and Recognition Program) for outstanding customer service. Howard went above and beyond when a very unusual situation arose regarding a child, aged 10, was traveling through the Miami International Airport on his way to St. Croix to visit family. The child missed his flight from Miami to St. Croix, leaving him essentially “stranded.” The child’s mother learned he was at the Miami airport and contacted the hotel immediately, reaching Howard.

“Howard was calming, supportive, and went above and beyond to not only provide assurances that he would be there [at the MIA Hotel] but made the extra effort to personally locate [my son] and let me talk to him on his personal cell phone. He also called me back that night when [he] was at the hotel and talked to me the next morning to assure me he was on the flight…Howard was my lifeline,” explained the mother.

All of us at H.I. Development and the MIA Hotel are proud to call Howard one of our employees and thank him for his extreme dedication in such an incident that could otherwise have ended up without such a happy end.

Photo Mar 18, 1 20 50 PM

Photo Mar 18, 1 10 41 PM

Photo Mar 18, 1 17 29 PM


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