Winner or Whiner?


by Larry E. Collier, Director of Operations for H.I. Development Corp.


Several years ago while making one of my regular visits to the Sales Department of a hotel, I noticed a book lying on the table centered in the room. The name of this book was “The Little Red Book of Selling” by Jeffrey Gitomer. (If you have never read Jeffery Gitomer, I recommend you Google him and get a book right away). I thumbed through the book and was immediately impressed enough to return to my office and order a copy.

I must pause here to say thanks to Nancy for bringing in that book and introducing me to Jeffrey Gitomer; I will always be grateful.

Coming up through the operations side of our business, I did not have a great deal of exposure to sales and marketing and my training in those fields had been limited to the generic offerings of the many brands I have been associated with during my career.  So, getting my hands on “The Little Red Book of Selling” was like someone turning on the light in the middle of the night. I found his approach to selling to be operational in nature, so I immediately took to it. In fact, it remind me of a lesson long ago learned as a Private in the United States Marine Corps. It was a simple leadership acronym for accomplishing an objective that I continue to apply today.

Begin Planning
Arrange Reconnaissance
Make Reconnaissance
Complete Planning
Issue Orders

Attacking sales in this manner made perfect sense to me.

Out of all the wonderful nuggets of useful and applicable information that I garnered from that book one of the central themes, and illustrated often throughout the book was “are you Winner or a Whiner”.

As I thought about all the Whiners in my organization, this concept struck a very deep and personal chord with me. I came to the realization that all to often I had joined in or even led the whining that was keeping me from winning.

 All too often we see the reasons we can’t do something as opposed to the reasons we can do something.  We become so focused on our limitations that we are unable to make the best use of our capabilities.

An honest look at any situation will easily help you determine if you are whining or winning. Sometimes winning isn’t the easiest, nor does it go the way you want. Make no mistake about it, winning will require sacrifice; it’s going to hurt, but it’s going to be worth it.  

As we enter into 2014, a year filled with huge opportunities for the hospitality industry, take a few moments to reflect on being a winner as opposed to a whiner. What does that future you look like? I am willing to bet pretty darn good.

Oh yeah, do yourself a favor and check out Of course I recommend “The Little Red Book of Selling”, “The Little Red Book of Sales Answers 99.5 Real World Answers that Make Sense, Make Sales, and Make Money”, “The Sales Bible”, and “ The Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude”.




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