‘Tis the Season for Giving


H.I. Development’s Creative Marketing Manager, Kimberly Moore and Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Schmitt headed over to Tampa’s Metropolitan Ministries to donate their time and efforts to make sure needy families and individuals were able to feed themselves and their families for Thanksgiving.

Working as “food shoppers,” Kimberly and Jennifer got to give one-on-one attention to each individual receiving assistance. “It was really nice to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as we helped them fill up their bags. I was overwhelmed at the sheer amount of food housed inside the building. People really do care about giving back to the community; that’s exactly why we came here too,” said Kimberly. 

“The number of volunteers was amazing. I was really impressed with the number of school-age kids that were volunteering. It’s so important to instill a sense of compassion in our children. The whole experience was very heartwarming and I hope to do it again next year,” said Jennifer. 

Metropolitan Ministries projects to help nearly 590,000 needy families this year, with help from compassionate, giving people. It all starts with a simple desire to help others; that is where true happiness is found. If everyone could have that same inkling of compassion in their hearts, just imagine what big changes we all could make on our communities as a whole. 





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