Setting the Stage for Success

by Larry E. Collier, Jr.,
Regional Director of Operations for H.I. Development

In the past, many of us have had to manage with decisions made by our predecessors. The booming economy of the late, 1990s – early 2000s allowed many hotels to get incredible rates with mediocre products and services, as we all had learned revenue hides a multitude of sins.

We have all thought, “what if things had only been done differently before.”

Clock TickingWell, welcome to before.

Hopefully we have survived the worst of the recession. It is now time to make sure our strategies are aligned with our goals, as we see demand begin to grow, soon to be followed by rate.

Ask yourself these top bullet items —

  • Where do you want your business to be when the economy booms again?
  • What changes can you make now, so that when the demand peaks and the rates begin to really climb, your business is positioned to handle the higher paying customer with improved results.
  • How will you prepare to generate even more revenue from the same number of rooms?

Personnel and training are essential to growing our revenues as the economy improves. Now that we have slimmed down our staffs as part of our “leaner” and “meaner” operations, we should have only the best of the best working in all our departments. If you don’t have the best of the best, call me I’ll help you optimize your department to improve your hotel.

Key to SuccessNow is the time to take our existing staff and instill in them a culture of caring and service, while educating them in the disciplines of revenue management and bottom line profitability. If you have the right people, they will pass the message to new employees as new staff members are adding to handle the increased demand.  Branded hotels should be sure to take advantage of training that is available at little or no charge on your branded websites.

Remember, this training is not only for managers and supervisors — but for every employee. A culture is built from the bottom up.

“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive”  –Mohandas Gandhi


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